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Our consultants provide expert analysis of incidents involving unintended machine start-up and contact with hazardous energy.  We take a holistic approach to understanding occupational accidents involving equipment and processes, including designs that facilitate de-energization and lock-out, procedures for preventing contact with hazardous energy, worker training, warnings, and human error.

System Lock-out / Tag-out (LOTO) matters commonly addressed:

  • Factors leading to unintended machine start-up
  • Methods for energy isolation and control
  • System design to facilitate LOTO
  • LOTO devices
  • Adequacy of LOTO procedures – content and presentation
  • Group LOTO procedures
  • System status verification
  • Program and compliance auditing
  • LOTO program management
  • OSHA citation evaluation
  • Training and procedure communication
  • Warnings and labeling
  • Human Factors of non-compliance (error, behavior, etc.)

Common scenarios with Lock-out / Tag-out implications include:

  • Maintenance accidents
  • Improper use of machine interlocks and stop controls
  • Process upsets, such as jam clearing and actuation of emergency stops
  • Machine cleaning
  • Adjusting, testing, re-positioning, and re-setting
  • Confined space entry(e.g., de-energizing pumps and conveyors, pipe system isolation)

We provide:

  • Evaluation of lock-out / tag-out programs and procedures
  • Consultation on warnings and hazard communication
  • Expert testimony in litigation


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