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Dr. Rose Figueroa is a Board-Certified Human Factors Professional. She holds a Ph.D. in Industrial and Operations Engineering and has expertise in cognitive, perceptual, and physical human factors relating to accidents and injuries. Dr. Figueroa has experience in a wide range of human factors/ergonomics topics, including product safety and warnings, risk communication and hazards, driver/operator training and behavior, visibility and conspicuity, perceptual capabilities and limitations, and decision and motor control response times. Dr. Figueroa has analyzed and explained if a person’s capabilities, limitations, and actions may or may not have contributed to accidents in a wide range of settings, such as vehicle, motorcycle, pedestrian, micro-mobility, and trucking accidents; alleged medical device or in-surgery injuries; industrial, occupational, and construction accidents; injuries associated with professional/consumer products, premises (i.e., slips, miss-steps, trips, and falls), ports, loading docks, cruises, amusement park rides, recreational boat/watercraft/watersports, and heavy machinery (i.e., forklift, cranes, boom/scissor lifts).

Dr. Figueroa also has in-depth expertise in physical ergonomics, strength capabilities, kinematics, and biomechanics. As a doctoral researcher at the University of Michigan’s Center for Ergonomics, she developed a parametric hand model and collaborated in the development of new features for the 3D Static Strength Prediction (3D SSPP) Model, used by many practitioners and researchers to study and design physical activities and equipment.

Dr. Figueroa serves as a Director for the Board of Certification in Professional Ergonomics (BCPE) – non-profit organization recognized internationally as the gold standard of Human Factors/Ergonomics/User certification – and as the founding chair for the Disability and Chronic Illness Affinity Group (DCI AG) for the Human Factor and Ergonomics Society (HFES). Dr. Figueroa has presented her work at human factors and biomechanics conferences throughout the U.S. She is often invited as a guest speaker to deliver technical talks and CLEs tailored to a wide range of audiences, such as experts in the field, college students, attorneys, and paralegals.

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