Applied Safety + Ergonomics

Typical Clients Include:

  • Insurers
  • Attorneys
  • Employers
  • Contractors
  • Equipment manufacturers


  • Building and facility construction
  • Equipment installation
  • Highway, bridge, and railroad construction
  • Farms
  • Grain and livestock facilities

 What ASE Provides:

  • Prompt investigations to collect transient data
  • Exceptional education and experience
    • Human factors, safety engineering, safety management, engineering, psychology
    • Experience on construction sites and farms
    • Familiarity with regulations and standards
    • Familiarity with construction and agricultural equipment
  • Independent, objective perspective
  • Accident reconstruction and testing
  • Assistance with post-accident inspections by government regulators
  • Multi-employer worksite assessments
  • Safety and health program assessments
  • Preparation of demonstratives

Client Benefits:

  • ASE investigators bring a level of creative problem solving that few can match
  • Technically trained and experienced investigators with an eye for important details
  • Collaborative report preparation that assures thorough consideration of the facts and presentation that is clear, concise, accurate, and carefully written
  • Appreciation for the legal arena that may become involved
  • Experienced testifying experts

Contact Us

For immediate inquiries or assistance please contact our Ann Arbor, Michigan office at
1.734.994.9400 or

Applied Safety and Ergonomics has been providing valuable analysis, insight, answers, training, data, and problem solving strategies in consultation and expert witness capacities to help clients make informed decisions since 1994.