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ASE consultants have worked in a variety of industries and have investigated and analyzed accidents, or otherwise become familiar with the following equipment through various projects.



Slitters, rolling mills, mechanical power presses, hydraulic presses, press brakes, forges, strip annealing lines, bell annealing furnaces, hydrogen and other special atmospheric annealing systems, cleaning lines, winders, coil unwinders, flatteners & straighteners, direct chill casting units, die castors, wire rope machine, scrap balers, scrap ballers, scrap winders, scrap choppers, shears, spot welders, seam welders, tubing welders, roll formers, extruders, shapers, wide assortment of horizontal and vertical mills and milling machines, lathes, NC and CNC machines, cutting robots, Mig welders, Tig welders, assorted arc, induction, plasma and resistance welders, welding robots, friction welders, positioners, drills, metal saws, cylinder rollers, bar grabs, coil grabs, C-hooks, sheet lifters, scissor lifts,  shot manufacturing system, metal component assembly equipment, tinning machine, plating lines, broaches, reamers, quench systems, salt baths, surface grinders, wide assortment of production and maintenance grinders, cylinder/ring balancers,  boring machines, screw machine, vapor degreasers, spray degreasers, impregnator, vibratory deburrers, nibblers, notchers, sand blasters, honing machines, etching machines, formers, planers, rivetors, shot blasters, robotic painting and coating systems, manual, semi-automatic and automatic painting / coating systems, dip painting, paint dryers, bag houses, buffers, needle scalers, air chisels, and ovens.


Injection mold machines, blow molders, extruders, cutters, shapers, pultrusion systems, powder coating, thermoset molding, composite molders, laminators, calenders, compression molding machines, lathes, shears, flying shears, welders, milling machines, foam extrusion, water-jet cutters, heated wire cutters, shredders, pulverizing mills, balers, and blenders.

Wood and Paper Products

Log grabs, debarkers, pulpers, shredders, cut-off saws, band saws, sawmills, chain saws, planers, dryers, paper machines, paper mills, bleaching systems, wood mills, winders, scrap balers, unwind stands, shears, slitters, paper coating systems, extruders, laminators, sanders, lumber stackers, and calenders.

Woodworking/Cabinet Manufacturing

Assembly fixturing machines, gluing systems, boring machines, wide assortment of fastening equipment and machines, joiners, painting/coating systems, cut-off saws, band saws, table saws, jig saws, scroll saws, CNC and robotic milling equipment, wood welder, routers, reamers, shapers, drills, sanders, and painting/coating systems.

Fiberglass and Rock Wool

Fiberizers (fiberglass), drum fiberizers (rock wool), fiber forming bushings, winders, unwinders, choppers, batch mixers/blenders, batch spreaders, cold top furnaces, closed furnaces, blast furnace (rock wool), pack forming tunnels, ovens, water jet cutters, roll-up machines, laminators, hot molding presses for board production, flying shears, ball mills, and spindle machines for filling bobbins.

Building Products

Shingle machines, shingle cutters, unwind stands, looping towers, shingle stackers, asphalt impregnators, granule applicators, shingle laminators, cement mixers, blenders, pallet de-stackers, mix distribution systems, and window manufacturing equipment.


Anhydrous ammonia cracking, explosives manufacturing, adhesives manufacturing, asphalt manufacturing, bleaching systems for paper, resin and binder production, powder blending, blenders, mixers, reaction vessels, pressure vessels, ink/solvent blending and handling, and powder drying systems.


Insulation baggers, unitizers, palletizers, ‘form-fill & seal’ systems, hot sealers (plastic), stretch-wrappers, shrink wrappers, stackers, drum filling systems, cylindrical fiberboard carton maker, automatic banders and strappers, shredders, balers, filling equipment for ‘bag-in-a-box’ beverages, tank filling systems, carton makers, cartoning machines, ink-jet printers, labelers, vacuum sealers, and carton printers.

Material Handling

Forklifts, belt conveyors, roller conveyors, vibratory conveyors, pneumatic conveyance systems, airveyors, screw conveyors, paddle conveyors, slat conveyors, chain conveyors, walking beam conveyors, power-and-free conveyors, mules, carts and buggies, roll handlers, squeeze lifts, order pickers, stock pickers, manlifts, walkies, railcar loading/unloading racks and systems, dock locking systems, dock levelers,  jib cranes, gantry cranes, semi-gantry cranes, bridge cranes, monorail cranes, wire rope, slings, lifting jigs, pneumatic and electrical hoists, vacuum hoists, lift assists, intelligent assist devices, manipulators, elevators, pallet jacks, patient handling devices, a wide assortment of carts, buggies, and wagons.



Construction and Mining

Backhoes, excavators, skid-steer loaders, profilers, mobile cranes, road graders, mobile scaffolds, boom / bucket lifts, Owens Corning’s Elaminator IITM system (roofing system), scissor lifts, powder-actuated hand fastening tools, cut-off saws, power saws, concrete saws, cement mixers, concrete levelers, vibrators, pug mills, nail guns, roof bolters, and hand power tools.


Farm tractors, cultivation equipment, sprayers, disc harrows, plows, corn pickers, corn planters, combines, manure spreaders, milking parlors, milking machines, milking carousels, drags, spring-tooth harrows, mowers, conditioners, hay rakes, hay balers, crop sprayers, feed mills, barn cleaners, feeders, chicken debeakers, auger elevators, hay carriers, fanning mills, grain handlers, fertilizer spreaders, grain drills, seeders, and loaders.


Railroad locomotives, rail cars, tank cars, remote controlled locomotives, trackmobiles, spike drivers, spike pullers, tie pullers, ballast plows, anchor spreaders, scarifiers, tie inserter, rail lifters, tampers/pup tampers, pluggers, capstans, loading racks, switch stands, semi-trailers, bobtail trucks, beverage delivery trucks, aircraft catering trucks, aircraft cargo loaders, lowboys, flatbed trailers, trailer tarping systems, pipe haulers, drainage pipe trailers, snowplows, ballast regulators, speed swings, carryalls, and lift gates.

 Food Processing

Meat saws, band saws, meat grinders, head loppers, hoof loppers, hide pullers, hair removers, knives, slicers, Wizard knives, trimmers, washers and sanitizers, bakery fermentation rooms, and trough hoists.


Various types of printing presses, saddle-stitchers, various book assembly and production equipment, print wheels, production folders, signature stacking equipment, Bomax feeders, and log feeders.


Pumps, power-transmission apparatus for pumping and other power transfer systems, scrap balers, water treatment facilities, sludge dryers, filter systems, boilers, cooling towers, baghouses, electrical substations, electrical control and distribution rooms, steam generation plants, motor-generator sets, compressors, fire pumps, fire extinguishing systems, air handling units, and air conditioning systems.

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