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Sports Technology Advising

Sports Technology Advising

From automated officiating to markerless motion capture to novel wearable sensors, the use of technology in sport is rapidly advancing. We work with sports leagues and governing bodies, practitioners, athletes, investors, and manufacturers to tackle the unique challenges facing the sport, fitness, and human performance industries. With such a wide array of technology offerings on the market, we can help you pick the right tool at the right time to meet your unique needs and goals.


Our consultants help organizations develop more effective processes for assessing, managing, and implementing sport performance technologies through a range of services, including:

  • • Technology Consultation: Advise on the scientific validity, relevant use cases, and limitations of technology.
  • • Validation Programs: Develop custom protocols and processes to evaluate a technology’s quality, benefits, and usability or benchmark multiple products.
  • • Safety Evaluation: Conduct hazard analysis and risk assessment of technology, develop biomedical testing protocols, and manage safety processes.
  • • Decision Making Framework: Create organization-specific processes to more effectively evaluate and integrate new technologies.
  • • Policy Development: Advise on the development of policies and standards related to sport technology.
  • • Research Program Management: Coordinate internal and external research projects, including developing long-term strategy, managing academic partnerships, coordinating scientific advisory boards, and organizing calls for proposals.
  • • Scientific consultations: Develop an understanding of the current scientific landscape and industry trends related to athlete performance and health technologies.
  • • Education: Provide education and training on effective assessment and implementation of technology.


We work with products and technologies across a range of human performance applications, including:

  • • Digital Health and Fitness
  • • Footwear and Apparel
  • • Personal Mobility Devices
  • • Protective Gear
  • • Recreational Athletes
  • • Sporting Equipment
  • • Wearable Sensors
  • • Military and Tactical Athletes
  • • Occupational Health and Industrial Athletes
  • • Professional and Collegiate Sport
  • • Youth and High School Athletics


We are experts in technology quality assessment and validation, have extensive experience in industry and academia, and are actively engaged in human performance research. Our expertise includes:

  • • Biomechanics
  • • Biomedical Engineering
  • • Consumer Product Safety
  • • Electrical Engineering
  • • Exercise Physiology
  • • Human Factors
  • • Materials Science and Engineering
  • • Mechanical Engineering
  • • Medical Devices
  • • Occupational Safety and Industrial Ergonomics
  • • Sport Science
  • • Toxicology and Food Safety


Our world-class facilities and research services allow us to provide a one-stop solution for your research and testing needs.

Human Performance Lab

The Human Performance Lab (Atlanta, GA) includes 940 sq. ft of indoor testing space, an adjacent 430 sq. ft. observation and data processing area, and a wet testing area. The laboratory is equipped with a 10-camera optical motion capture system (Vicon), 6-DOF force plate (Bertec), wearable eye tracker (Tobii Pro Glasses), body harness and track, and changeable elevated flooring system. The lab is designed for biomechanical and behavioral analyses of human and animal motion, including dynamic sports movements, gait, slip/trip/fall, and occupational activities. Additionally, most equipment can be taken out of the lab to conduct in-field studies.

Usability Testing Laboratory

The Usability Laboratory (Philadelphia, PA) houses three separate usability suites, each equipped with wall-to-wall soundproofing, one-way mirrors, separate observation rooms, and discrete videotaping for analytical and observational safety and usability research studies.

Institutional Review Board

Our fully accredited Institutional Review Board (IRB) provides efficient and affordable ethics review for minimal-risk human subject studies.

Participant Recruitment

Our recruiting team provides human research participant recruitment and management tailored to unique product user profiles.


We are committed to providing leading-edge technical expertise to meet clients’ unique challenges.

  • • Innovation: Create customized solutions to meet the needs of your organization.
  • • Efficiency: Work collaboratively with your team to bring together the right resources at the right time to deliver on schedule and budget.
  • • Quality: Provide research-quality data and analysis through state-of-the-art equipment and techniques.
  • • Clients First: Partner with you every step of the process to ensure complete satisfaction.
  • • Flexibility: Quickly adjust to project scope changes or new needs through our extensive resources and nimble organizational structure.
  • • Confidence: Offer trusted and discrete advising to handle even the most sensitive matters.

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